About the company

Ruselprom is a private company since 1991, it incorporates several leading electrical machines plants of Russia: they are: Leningrad Electric Machines Plant (LEZ), Vladimir Electromotor Plant (VEMZ), Safonovo Electric Machines Plant ( SEZ), Scientific and Research, Design and Construction Technological Institute of electrical machines (NIPTIEM), Ruselprom Electromash, Ruselprom Engineering Center.

Manufacturing and design facilities are located in four cities of Russia, three plants are cities-forming enterprises. Total number of employers in Ruselprom Group is 4380 people including 476 design engineers (among them 26 people are Philosophy Doctors and 7 people are Doctors of Engineering Science.

Ruselprom Group is included into the list of Top 400 largest companies in Russia in terms of sales volume.

In the result of unification there the following points of competence were created: single supplies division, production facilities with strict system of budgeting and control over manufacturing costs, finance and profit center which is quite transparent for foreign investors. Besides all R&D and scientific activities are all consolidated in one Group.

Strategic development programme of Ruselprom Group stipulates creation of more than 6000 new workplaces by 2020.

Mission and targets

Maximum satisfaction of customers’ requirements in high quality products and services. Technical support within the whole lifetime of products in terms of their energy saving and providing reliability of operations of electrical equipment and transport systems.